We promote Health for All through an equitable, participatory and inter-sectoral movement and as a Rights Issue.

Our Vision

“Equity, ecologically-sustainable development and peace are at the heart of our vision of a better world – a world in which a healthy life for all is a reality; a world that respects, appreciates and celebrates all life and diversity; a world that enables the flowering of people’s talents and abilities to enrich each other; a world in which people’s voices guide the decisions that shape our lives….”


The People’s Health Movement-Kenya (PHM-Kenya) exists to track, defend and promote the realization of the constitutional right to health for all now as enshrined in Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya. PHM-Kenya believes that Primary Health Care (PHC) is the key to achieving healthcare for all, and challenges governments, partners and all duty bearers to take bold steps towards reducing health and health-related inequalities.

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Most of our country circles represent developing countries in Asia, Africa,
the Middle East and Latin America.